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Go home and love your family."

About Us

Anywhere in the world, family is the most beautiful concept in human life. Families are the building blocks of human society. It is the first school that teaches the basics of love, obligations, sacrifices and values of relationships, In India, the family life is a fascinating divine concept. Whatever may be the place, religion or culture, family is considered to be the something special in everyone's life. In the land of Kerala, the God's own country too, the family life is the most important and an emotional thing that stands above everything. That is why, the marital relationship is more respected than any other kind of relationships between a man and woman in our culture. Needless to mentions, marriage is an important stage in life. In our unique social context, the marriage is not just a matter between to individuals; rather it is a union of two families. Without a past, there is no future. The family made us what we are today. The family provides protests and prepares us to face any future challenges. It is our responsibility to uphold our values and light the path for the next generations too.

The world has developed into a global village. Change your thoughts and change your world. It is an online era that has diminished the boundaries of nations. The latest communication technologies provide more freedom, privacy and choices for searching and finding an ideal partner for your family from any part of the world. This fact has inspired us to initiate a reliable online matrimonial website. Anywhere Matrimony is genuine online platform for families who are in search of ideal brides and grooms for their sons and daughters. It is based at Thrissur, which in known as the Cultural Capital of Kerala, Anywhere Matrimony is a venture of Anywhere business Group, a multi-faceted professional business Group established in 1991. The Group is managed by a visionary leader, Sri. Shaju M.A. has pursued a business career at a young age and succeeded in verything he put his hands on.

We are culturally inspired and value the concept of family and relationships. At Anywhere Matrimony, we connect not just two individuals but two families. Anywhere Matrimony will definitely help you find the most suitable life partner in the easiest manner. Anywhere Matrimony is the most preferred online matrimonial platform, especially for Malayalees all around the world. Anywhere Matrimony is a professionally designed website ensuring the easiest registration procedures and time saving search options. We assure maximum protection of your privacy of information shared on our website with more advanced security options. Register your profile today at Anywhere Matrimony mentioning all your priorities. As a promotional offer, we provide a discount of Rs:4000/- on our actual Registration Charge of Rs: 5000/- (Valid for one year). Hence now you can register your profile at just Rs:1000/-. A golden opportunity to get you profile registered on the most reliable matrimonial website of Kerala, Anywhere Matrimony. Always remember the below words.
"Happily ever after is not a fairy tale. It is a choice."


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